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Join us for Easter Services!

7:00 | 8:30 | 10:00 |11:30

When you think over your life, what was your best day ever? Maybe the day you graduated college, your wedding day, or the day your kids were born? Maybe it was when you got that promotion or finally got to take that dream vacation. Have you ever thought about what made it so great? Usually the best moments are preceded by a whole lot of hard ones, and the best days are often born out of how long we've waited for them. Our ability to appreciate goodness is overwhelmingly characterized by the amount of time we've spent waiting for it, and just how hard the moments have been that led us to our mountaintop.


There was a day where the World had been waiting on mercy. Sin sat on humanity's shoulders and burdened every heart because death was the cage that held us all. Imagine Heaven's anticipation for the release of grace on the Earth. Imagine redemption waiting behind a wall that was so close to being broken, with an unbridled excitement. But salvation was still on the other side of the ultimate sacrifice. The release of our rescue was dependent on one man's death. And although the best moment was so close, the worst one had to come first.


Maybe you are in a moment of waiting. Maybe you too find yourself in the anticipation of the great. The good news is that the day that Jesus defeated death and sin with his resurrection from the grave, was not just a day in history. Instead it was a transformative event, that changed the course of all of our destinies, and has the power still to change them today. God's plan for deliverance was made possible through death, and redemption was made possible through resurrection. Your best day ever, and the best day that humanity has ever known, was made possible in Jesus. Join us Easter Sunday as we celebrate the best day ever.

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