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This Christmas series will begin on Sunday, December 4th, and conclude with
our Christmas Eve services on December 23 & 24.

You’ve heard the story…Or at least some part of it. It’s simple, really. The imperfect World was in need of a savior… and God sent us one. He came as a baby, born to a virgin,
and was delivered in a stable.

An angel brought shepherds to see him, and a star brought kings to shower him with gifts. And in that very moment in time, the World was given a gift.
Hope came to humanity as one of our very own.

Salvation was ours and mercy was its message. But today, sometimes that gift of hope feels like a distant thought, left in the dirt and straw of the manger. We put up the nativities and we go through the motions of traditions passed on through the ages.

But perhaps our hearts have forgotten that the meaning goes so far beyond this short season. Maybe there’s more to Christmas… if we take a second look.

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